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Signed 1st edition

Matilda is a new girl at Pearl's school, but there's something really different and cool about her family. Laugh as Pearl struggles to come to terms with how annoyingly "normal" they actually are!

Pearl Power and the Girl with Two Dads is a funny and heartwarming tale of same sex parenting and accepting the idea of different family set-ups to you traditional 1 mum, 1 dad.

Pearl Didn't want to upset her chum, but she had to ask, "where is your mum?"

Matilda explained that there isn't a mother, "I have two dads and they love one another.

A mum and a dad isn't always the rule, my family is different"

Pearl shrugged and said "Cool."

Written and illustrated by Mel Elliott

Published by I LOVE MEL, UK

ISBN: 9781527266728

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